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By Baj Goodson

Wall of Crosses

A Novella


An estranged family is forced to reunite following the death of their patriarch whose last will and testament dictates peculiar circumstances must be met in order to receive any inheritance. Tensions rise and drama escalates as old grudges breathe new life, burdens exchange shoulders, and carefully buried secrets threaten to come to light.

Author & Graphic Designer

Baj Goodson

Baj (think the ‘cas’ in “casual”) Goodson is a all-around creative soul and former school teacher with a BA in English. She’s been an avid writer and reader as far back as she can remember, and began writing full-time in 2017. Over the next three years, she published the novella WALL OF CROSSES (2018), started a Young Adult serial on Wattpad called SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL (2018), opened an online store, branched out into logo design, closed her online store and open a new one, and has plans for even more creative avenues in the future. Baj resides in East Texas, her home-sweet-home.


Graphics tailored to your needs

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Over several years, Baj has acquired skills and knowledge through industry experience in publishing, entrepreneurship, education, photography, graphic design, office administration, sales, weddings, events, and customer service. If you are looking for custom design work from a logo to a business card, then check her out on Fiverr.


“Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once.”

– Stephen King


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