Thank you to these individuals who requested interviews with Baj.

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C.E. Clayton

Allow me to introduce you to Baj Goodson! Much like Tyffany and Becky, I met Baj through the bookstagram community rather randomly. We just started liking each others posts then responding to each other's stories, then we found out that I lived maybe 2 hours from her in Louisiana before moving back to California. We were so bummed we never got a chance to hang out before I left! Over the past six months… Read More


Winter Lawrence

(Q) Baj! Thanks for joining us this month! It’s such a pleasure! To begin, let’s talk about hoarding, because when the reader first picks up “Wall of Crosses,” they immediately find themselves in a cluttered, disorganized, and not-so-neat home. Can you share with us what inspired this story and… Read More


Adelaide Thorne

(Q) When did you know you wanted to be a writer? (A) I have always wanted to be an author, even when I was a young child. It was my wildest dream and ultimate goal, something I always envisioned accomplishing before… Read More