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Meet Baj

Baj (like cas•ual) Goodson is a creative force from East Texas. Her heart beats with love for Jesus, diverse art forms, and a touch of Romantic living. As a published author and a former ELA teacher, Baj is deeply enamored with the nuances of the English language. Her days are filled with writing escapades, voracious reading, quirky art, tasty food, catchy music, and movies and TV shows that seamlessly blend character and plot. Baj is a proud fan of many geeky fandoms and revels in family games, cheek-to-cheek hugs, baby animals, peonies, and sniffing fresh laundry. She finds any excuse for indulging in ice cream or donning sweatpants (bonus points for combining both).

Baj has been driven by a love for storytelling that dates back to her earliest memories. Even before she could construct coherent sentences, Baj’s mind teemed with adventures and characters, a precursor to her knack for crafting stories. Though her early storytelling manifested as tall-tale fibs, she learned valuable lessons about consequences, thereafter isolating her imaginative ventures to paper.

Now, with an eagerness to share her tales, Baj strives to create memorable characters and engaging adventures for her readers. Firmly believing in the mantra “write what you know,” she draws inspiration from her dreams, lightning strikes of creativity, and the human experience, always eager to tap into others’ perspectives for compelling narratives.

On her platform, Baj explores her passions—good books, the craft of narrative writing, junk food, art and design, the world of TV and movies, discussions about Biblical theology and personality theories, and whatever else catches her interest. Writing tips, updates on works in progress, occasional freebies, rambling Stories, doodles, musings about life, memes and silliness, indie pub insights, and glimpses of her inner circle, all find a home in her content.

Baj is also known for her Prudie™ book reviews tailored for readers with a conservative worldview. Follow her on Goodreads to stay up-to-date with those.


Baj lived near Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with her husband and two Chorkies for five years before returning to her native East Texas, where she now resides. Her professional path has spanned education, healthcare, retail, sales, photography, design, events, and the wedding industry. Achieving her dream, she’s now the author of the Psychological Suspense novella “Wall of Crosses” (2018) and the Young Adult Wattpad serial “Something Beautiful” (2018). Currently, she’s drafting her third manuscript, the suspenseful adventure “Dark Sands” (Speculative Fiction).

But Baj doesn’t box herself in by limiting her creativity only to writing. Baj also operates as a versatile freelance creative, offering graphic design, copy editing, proofreading, and stylized art services. Leveraging her ELA skills, she contributes to the educational realm with products on Teachers Pay Teachers. Check out her latest logo designs and Teachers Pay Teachers creations.

Whether discussing books or anything else, Baj thrives on building connections and sparking conversations. Her platform is a vibrant space where laughter, art, and meaningful discussions come together.

Follow her on social media or sign up for her free newsletter for updates. For a freelance consultation, email Baj at ba*@ba********.com with the subject line “ATTN: Stargate Command” (seriously! It helps weed out spam). You can also inquire through her Fiverr gigs.


Something inside me has always been there. But now it’s awake.



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