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About Baj Goodson

Author & Graphic Designer

There and Back Again

Baj Goodson was pretty much created to make up stories. Even before she could form halfway decent sentences, her mind whizzed with adventures and characters ripe for the picking. Her love of storytelling occasionally translated into tall-tale fibs growing up, but after enduring more than her fill of consequences, she learned to keep the fabricated adventures confined to paper.

Now that she shares her stories openly with others, Baj has an even greater drive to create memorable, entertaining characters that readers can connect with, and to craft for them equally memorable ventures. Baj is a hard and fast believer in “write what you know”, so any inspiration that doesn’t come from dreams or random lightning strikes of creativity is drawn from her own life experiences and those of the people closest to her. She loves picking the brains of others for the sake of a good story!

But Baj doesn’t box herself in too much by limiting her creativity only to writing. Another passion she has nurtured over the years is design. Check out her items for sale at THE ROGUE DUST BUNNY store to see her latest designs.

Baj lived for five years near Baton Rouge, Louisiana with her husband and their two Chorkies but is now relieved to call her native East Texas home again. She is the oldest of two children. She formerly worked in healthcare, retail, sales, education, photography, design, events, and multiple facets of the wedding industry; becoming a writer has always been her wildest dream and ultimate goal.


Baj Goodson is the author of the psychological suspense novella WALL OF CROSSES (2018), and the Young Adult Wattpad serial SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL (2018). She is currently drafting her third manuscript, a suspenseful adventure story codenamed A FINE TIME TO DIE.

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“Something inside me has always been there. But now it’s awake.”



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